GIMASPORT is proud to be part of SanMar's Pack Separately Ship Together (PSST) program and an authorized decorator for The North Face. PSST is a collaboration between contract decorators and SanMar to offer high levels of service to users.  SanMar also recently expanded their selection to include The North Face and many more styles of New Era. By drop shipping any brand blank apparel to us from SanMar or S&S, you will be eligible to take advantage of free inbound shipping.

SanMar's Decorator Relations team works with decorators, screen printers, embroiderers and other embellishers around the country. Their goal is to understand the unique challenges and work with them to deliver business solutions and expert advice. We have a national network of experts for consulting on decorating techniques, equipment, raw materials, production software and trade service providers. Our focus is to help solve any issues that come our way. The team prides itself on staying up-to-date on the most current decoration solutions. It's our ambition to identify the optimal methods to provide the best decorating results for our products.


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